A jar of protein powder

Best Protein Powder for the Elderly

Protein powders are known to be one of the best and most effective workout supplements among athletes and bodybuilders. From building muscle mass and strength to post-exercise...
Belgian Malinois,

What is the Best Guard Dog for the Elderly?

A dog is a wonderful companion for seniors. Dogs not only dote on their owners, but they also protect and guard them with their life.
Keys with a home key-chain

Best Key Safe for the Elderly

To understand why key safes are an essential addition to your home, you need to understand what a key safe is. A key safe is a secure,...
Mowing the Lawn

What is the Best Lawn Mower for the Elderly?

Mowing your lawn has always been one of your favorite activities, but now, your age has hindered your enjoyment. Maybe it's because of loss of strength or muscle mass.
Swivel Car Seat Cushion

The Best Car Swivel Cushion for the Elderly

For those of us experiencing limited functionality because of aging, we agree this process sucks. As time passes, moving around becomes more difficult, and getting in and out of the...
Security Key

The Best Place to Put a Key Safe

Image of a combination lock key safe
DVD Player

Best Portable DVD Player for the Elderly

Who doesn’t like watching movies and TV shows in their pastime? Everyone, including our senior citizens, love having movie nights. However, as a senior individual, sitting on...
Several meal portions in packaging

Best Ready Meals for the Elderly

Senior citizens need food, which suits their taste, is easily accessed and digestible, and easy to cook. When you spend most of your time working and don’t...
Wrinkles on aging skin

Best Skincare Products for the Elderly

Image of a bottle of Neutrogena Hydro Boost skin cream

Best Universal Remote for Elderly Persons

Losing the TV remote is a common problem especially for us elderly persons. Some people address this by using more than a single remote. Having...

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