Best Adaptive Shoes for the Elderly


As we age, many of our lifestyle routines become challenging.  Routines, like using the washroom or going to the park are tasks that once seemed easy but now seem to be getting tougher day by day. Health concerns such as weakened joints, swollen feet, diabetic foot, bunions, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and others can majorly affect your daily life duties.

People with such health issues are more prone to the risk of slipping and or falling.  For those individuals, regular shoes are not their best choice. Regular shoes may, in fact, contribute to more serious injuries.

There are shoes that are specially designed for feet that are deformed, swollen, or suffer any other kind of pain or disability. They are called adaptive shoes.

Adaptive shoes provide elderly people with proper comfort and support for problematic feet. They are made of special material that is durable, soft, and elastic so feet naturally set inside their shoes. Plus, adaptive shoes are relatively easy to put on and adjust.

Image of mans swollen feet
Swollen Feet

Even if your feet are swollen, you don’t have to opt for a bigger size with adaptive shoes. Because they are malleable, these shoes adjust to the size of your feet.

We often fail to realize unhealthy foot issues gradually spread to other body parts. Continuing to wear regular shoes as you age can contribute to knee and back pain. A good pair of adaptive shoes can save you from these health problems.

Factors to Consider When Buying Adaptive Shoes for the Elderly

1.      Examine the Sole

The sole of your feet is where you need extra support. So, make sure to thoroughly examine the sole of your shoe. Try it on and walk around in the store.

Opt for a pair that prevents falls. The sole should be a non-slip one that adheres well to slippery and wet floors.

A shock-absorbing sole is a plus especially for the elderly with degenerative diseases. They protect your feet from added strain and tension caused by rough terrains and dangerous objects.

2.      Afternoons Are for Shoe Shopping

Your feet tend to swell during the day even if you are not very active.  Oftentimes, issues like edema worsen as the hours of the day pass. Shoe shopping in the afternoon will enable you to make a better choice.

Image of Memory Foam Cushion with handprint
Memory Foam Cushioning

3.      Extra Cushioning and Padding

As we age, our feet tend to lose fat which makes them more sensitive and prone to pain. Hence, make sure the shoes you buy have ample cushioning and padding. Most adaptive shoes are well-cushioned for swollen feet to fit comfortably in.

4.      Easy to Put On

Most adaptive shoes come with a Velcro strap for easy fastening. However, there are other options as well. For instance, if you have arthritis, you can purchase a slip-on model that doesn’t require bending down to fasten.

Check your favorite model for a wide opening. They come in handy for swollen feet. They naturally adjust according to the size of your feet; from your toes up to your ankle.

5.      Buy A Reliable Brand

Choose a well-established trusted brand. Not all brands deliver the same quality. These shoes are an investment into your health and the lower cost brand might end up costing you more in health than a slightly higher priced pair would. Ask around and do some research on your own before you make your final decision.

Image of Cartoon man at a Y deciding which direction to go
Decisions Decisions…

Best Adaptive Shoes for the Elderly

Adaptive shoes may not be a popular hot topic, but they could be a necessity.  If that is your case, there are multiple brands to choose from, making your task overwhelming.  Have no fear, we are here to help. In this article, we have reviewed our two best picks.

Men’s Extra Wide Width Diabetic Recovery Slippers

These adaptive shoes by Secret Slippers have Velcro closures with a highly adjustable back heel. This is the perfect pair for the elderly suffering from swollen feet, peripheral neuropathy, bunions and ulcers, edema, and more.

The non-binding, extra-depth design and wide toe box assure that your problematic feet have ample room to naturally rest and move. The soft, seam-free, memory foam insole eliminates pressure points and provides outstanding support and protection.

Moreover, the dual-density 100% non-marking rubber outsole, provides you with unmatched grip and comfort while walking.  The contoured heel ensures even more comfort and flexibility by molding perfectly around your foot.

Furthermore, these shoes are skid and slip-resistant so that you can walk freely on tile, vinyl, or wooden flooring. Don’t worry about odors and stains, the antimicrobial technology takes care of that.

Image of two faces, one yellow smiley face, the second a red sad face
Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-soft memory foam insole
  • Wide toe box
  • Dual-density rubber
  • Antimicrobial technology


  • May not match every outfit

Women’s Diabetic Walking Shoes Breathable Mesh Adjustable Outdoor Sneakers

This pair of adaptive shoes by Mejormen has a stretchable, breathable mesh upper that expands as you walk. They closely fit on your feet. The Velcro fastening closures and an extra-wide toe helps you easily step in and out of the shoe.

Mejormen has manufactured these shoes with a generous amount of heel to toe padding that provides lasting cushioning and shock absorption. The premium orthotic insole with a cushioned heel pad provides anatomical arch support. It conforms to the contours of your feet as you walk.

These features help alleviate heel pain, back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and other similar issues. Also, the material is washable, easy to care and ultra-lightweight.

Image of 2 smiley faces, one yellow smiley face one red sad face
Pros & Cons


  • Extra-wide toe
  • Velcro fastening closure
  • Easy to care
  • Provides anatomical arch support
  • Available in multiple colors


  • May take a long time to completely dry after washing

Why You Should Buy Adaptive Shoes for the Elderly

Image of a man and woman smiling at each other
we made the right choice

Adaptive shoes are a great way to enhance your safety and protection both indoors and outdoors. They not only provide you comfort but also prevent you from slipping and or falling. They help in maintaining your health by making your lifestyle active, mobile and most importantly independent.

You deserve relief and continued independence.  Enjoy each step you take into your future of freedom in a pair of these adaptive shoes.

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