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A majority of aging adults often experience numerous physical health issues that adversely affect their ability to walk and move around properly. From arthritis and joint pain to fractures and wounds, there are many factors that can limit an individual’s mobility as they age.

These medical conditions result in an increased risk of falls, unsteadiness when walking, and serious difficulties in terms of getting up and sitting down. They are also considered to be lifestyle-limiting issues because they affect an individual’s independence and their ability to move around on their own.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to depend on others to be able to walk and move around. Walking canes are an excellent mobility aid that helps seniors maintain their balance on their own. Quite similar to a traditional walking stick, a cane helps provide postural support and stability; it allows seniors to maintain a good posture and greatly aids in walking. It is a highly beneficial device for the elderly as it offers them increased independence, lifts their sense of overall control, and reduces the load on their lower limbs.

Many seniors often struggle with choosing the best kind of walking cane, especially considering the numerous types and varieties available in the market. To help you with that, take a look at what we think is the best cane for the elderly.

Things to Consider When Buying a Walking Cane

Image of a store display of different canes
store display of canes

There are many different types of walking canes that greatly differ in terms of their material, design, functionality, comfort levels, height, etc.

Choosing the right and the most appropriate type of walking cane depends on many factors that you must consider before buying one for yourself or a loved one.

Here are some of the most basic and important features that you must look for in a walking cane.

· Material

Three of the most common cane materials are steel, wood, and aluminum, each of which offers particular uses and benefits. Steel canes are considered to be the strongest of all, while aluminum canes provide excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. Wooden canes are associated with an inexpensive price tag. Depending on your needs, you must try walking with all three types of canes and see which one offers the best kind of stability, balance, and mobility for you.

· Cane Height

The right walking cane should be tall enough to support your height and body frame. The correct height of the cane will also provide you with a highly satisfying walking experience. Although there are canes that come with height adjustability options, you must ensure that the adjustment fits your requirements.

· Types of Handles

Just like canes are made of different materials, they also come with different types of handles and designs. For instance, the most traditional types of canes come with a round handle that is typically made of wood or aluminum. Then, there are offset handle canes that have a curve on the bottom of the gripping surface. The curve provides excellent stability because it transfers all the weight down to the shaft of the cane.

Again, you should try walking with each type of cane to see which handle fits best in your hand and provides you with enhanced steadiness and balance.

· The Capacity of the Cane

Capacity here refers to the overall design and ability of the cane to offer you adequate support and to bear your overall weight and maintain overall balance. This is possibly one of the most important factors to consider when buying a cane for the elderly because their mobility greatly depends on the cane’s capacity and effectiveness.

Best Walking Cane for the Elderly: NOVA Designer Walking Cane 

Image of colorful cane

What Makes It the Best Cane for the Elderly?

NOVA is known to have the largest selection of canes that aren’t only extremely functional and efficient, but also incredibly stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Their goal is to provide people, especially the elderly, with premium quality products, to help them maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

One of our top picks from their cane selection is the NOVA designer walking cane that comes with an offset handle, a carrying strap, and a lightweight, adjustable walking stick. One of its most prominent features is its “Maui flowers” design that looks incredibly pretty and fashionable.

Some of the core features of this walking cane are its adjustability, lightweight construction, and high comfort levels. The offset handle design provides optimal support and ensures that the user’s wrists and arms don’t have to bear a lot of weight. It allows adjustability between 28”-39”, which means that you can fix it according to your height.

It comes with an extremely comfortable foam handgrip, which is attached to a convenient carrying strap. Both these together offer great ease and convenience in terms of holding the cane and keeping it well-balanced in all types of terrains.

Another excellent quality of this cane is that it has an anti-rattle lock that perfectly adjusts the cane and prevents it from rattling and losing its balance or stability. This makes it an ideal option for seniors with a severe balancing issue.


  • It is made of durable and high-quality aluminum
  • It weighs only one pound, which is ideal for aging adults
  • Super sturdy and inexpensive
  • Offers excellent grip and stability


  • The locking button tends to be problematic
  • Some users might find it hard to adjust the height of the cane

Why Should You Purchase a Walking Cane?

Image of a woman and a man walking with a cane.
Regaining your mobility

No one likes being dependent on others, least of all an inanimate object in order to help them move around and walk properly. However, when you experience serious mobility issues that greatly affect your ability to walk and move, you must seek help from mobility aids such as a walking cane.

The main purpose of walking canes is to help people attain balance and stability, and improve their posture. It allows them to be able to walk normally again without depending on other things or people. Furthermore, it helps them continue on with their everyday life.  

You must consider getting a walking cane if you experience repeated falls, have difficulty walking on your own, have weak bones or joints, or are unable to maintain your balance on your own. A good, functional walking cane – like the NOVA Designer Walking Cane – will help you overcome all these physical limitations and restore your independence in no time!

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