Best Compression Socks for the Elderly


Aging comes with its fair share of problems. It is often accompanied by a number of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, dementia, diabetes, hypertension, and edema. When people enter their golden years, they require special care, customized routines, and increased attention to maintain their physical and mental well-being because as time passes, our bodies become weaker and more fragile, making it increasingly hard to be as active as we once were.

In the elderly, lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle reduces the muscle capacity and the blood flow to the legs. Some seniors are unable to move around without wheelchairs and this leads to swollen feet and pain in the legs.

To help relieve this pain and swelling, seniors are often prescribed with compression socks. Compression socks or compression stockings are especially-designed garments that are worn on the lower legs to provide comfort and support. Compression socks are highly beneficial, and a lot of people prefer using them on a regular basis.

Apart from the elderly, compression socks are also worn by frequent travelers or people with jobs that require them to stand or walk for long hours, like teachers, delivery guys, and warehouse workers. Moreover, athletes and pregnant women also wear compression socks to help with blood circulation and reduce swelling of the legs.

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Things to consider

Things to Consider When Buying Compression Socks for the Elderly

Before you purchase compression socks, especially for the elderly, it is wise to consider the following information.

· Right Size

It’s important to ensure that you buy compression socks in the right size. As their name suggests, compression socks are meant to compress the leg muscles and apply uniform pressure to relieve pain while allowing normal blood flow.

If an elderly member of your family is experiencing swelling in their feet, try buying compression socks, which are of their normal size so that the stockings will fit them perfectly even when the swelling subsides. Moreover, compression socks for the elderly should not be too tight as they can constrict their blood flow and make it even harder for them to move.

· Size and Length

Compression socks are available in a variety of lengths and sizes. They can cover your legs up as high as the knee or calves, and can even be bought as ankle socks. Depending on your need, buy the length that suits best by purchasing the size you are most comfortable with.

· Easy to Put On

Make sure to buy a pair that is easy to put on and pull off. If the socks are too complex to wear you will not want to hassle with putting them on.

Best Compression Socks for the Elderly: Our Top Pick

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Compression Socks

To make things easy for you, we reviewed a number of products and found the perfect compression socks for the elderly.  Here is our top pick: FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks for Men and Women

What Makes It the Best Compression Socks for the Elderly?

FuelMeFoot is a renowned brand of compression socks. Their compression socks are unique in the sense that they have a copper composition on the toes and heels. Copper, a great conductor of heat and electricity, has the potential to increase blood flow in the legs as well as prevent odor, factors of great benefit for the elderly.

FuelMeFoot Copper Compression Socks are designed with copper fibers that revive blood circulation by applying a comfortable pressure of 15-20 mm Hg on the legs. Wearing these socks feels like getting a soft massage on your feet and legs throughout the day. They can be worn for long hours without worrying about the odor.

The perfect blend of pressure and warmth removes stress and helps overcome health conditions like edema, fluid retention, arthritis, joint pain, muscular cramps, and varicose veins. These compression socks for the elderly can also help with symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Another noteworthy feature is its super soft, copper-infused material. The product is super breathable. It keeps your legs warm during winters and cool during hot weather. It also keeps your skin dry and sweat-free.

Whether you are looking for a way to enhance walking ability, increase the rate of recovery, or reduce inflammation or pain, FuelMeFoot’s compression socks with the no-slip cuff, moisture-wicking fabric, ankle protection, arch support, and reinforced heel and toe, are the ultimate solution for the elderly needs.

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Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Ideal for joint and muscle recovery
  • Super comfortable
  • Breathable material
  • Adjusts with body temperature


  • No laundry or care instructions

Why Should You Purchase Compression Socks?

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Varicose Veins

Compression socks are a must-have item for the elderly because medical experts have recommended using them to minimize swelling and help with a number of health conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis, arthritis, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), varicose veins, and edema caused by diabetes or as a side-effect of a medicine.

Elderly patients suffering from the aforementioned diseases have complaints of blood clots, swelling, pain, and tenderness in feet and legs which keeps them from performing daily chores. The discomfort gets worse with age. Hence, it is strongly recommended to purchase compression socks for the elderly.

These socks apply uniform pressure on the legs in the form of a gradient. Gradient compression is a type of compression which ensures that the blood flows from the legs upwards to the heart. Since gravity plays a role, regular socks are not as useful as compression socks.

If you suffer from any of these conditions or you simply want to impress your legs with comfort, you should purchase compression socks. It is a minimum purchase for maximum comfort for yourself or an elderly member of your family. What a difference this small purchase can make in your life, so get yours today!

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