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In today’s world safety is a major concern.  We want safety in our nation, our communities, and our homes.  Home safety takes on new meaning as we age because we want to remain independent. 

The Center for Disease Control confirms the majority of falls take place in the bathroom of our homes making them a huge safety concern.  Further, the older we get the more apt we are to fall.  For persons over 85, many of these falls result in hospitalization.  In order to maintain independence, it behooves us to do minor changes in order to enhance the safety of our homes, especially bathrooms.

Buying the best non-slip shower mat can be one of the most cost-effective investments we seniors can make for our everyday safety.

Purchasing a non-slip shower mat may seem a simple task, but before you do there are some things to consider.  Things such as, what size is your shower floor? Do you have any allergies or skin sensitivities?

What method do you want to employ for maintaining your mat?  Are you able to pick up your feet or do you have more of a shuffle?  Keep these questions in mind while skimming through the following assortment of mats for your shower.

Non-Slip Shower Mats for Textured Shower Floors

My shower is square.  The one in my last home was rectangular.  In both cases, the floor was textured, designed to avoid slippage.  Both of my showers had a center drain. 

Image of a Shower
Shower needing non-slip mat

Textured or reglazed shower floors present a particular problem: mats with suction cups may not adhere to your textured floor or it may damage your reglazed surface.  With textures, water can get under the suction cup causing it to release and the reglazing companies recommend no suction cups to avoid damage to the finish. 

So, what do I do?  For me, a square mat such as this one you can view on Amazon would be ideal.  This mat would cover nearly the entirety of my textured shower floor making it ideal if I were inhibited in the ability to lift my feet.  Simply stepping into the shower, I would find myself on the mat.

Since my feet would be on the mat at every turn, the size of this non-slip mat in my shower would keep me from tripping when I moved around under the showerhead.  A little thicker at 1.55 inches, I am glad it fits the entirety of my shower floor.

Though it looks like wood it is made of polystyrene making it mold-resistant and durable.

Another thing I especially like about this mat is the weave pattern.  The pattern in this bath mat allows water to flow through the holes to the drain.  This helps the mat to dry between uses.

If I had a larger shower and was concerned about tripping, I would place two of these together or go with the rectangular size version. View here on Amazon.

This shower mat weighs over 10 pounds which would keep it from floating.  I do not have a problem with the weight, but some people might find it difficult to lift and lean against the wall for drying, aeration, and cleaning.  

Another thing I love about this mat is the 2 year no questions asked guarantee.  One customer review upgraded their rating from one to three because of outstanding customer service.  A full refund was awarded this customer.

Alternates to the above-discussed shower mats are these two wood shower mats.  This 100% bamboo shower mat, as seen on Amazon has anti-slip feet to keep it from moving on the floor of your shower.

This Acacia wood mat view on Amazon is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria.  The slatted design allows water and air to flow through making it mold resistant.  Leaning it against the wall after use allows water to drain and air to dry it, thus sustaining the life of the mat and keeping your mat mold-free.

Suggested Non-Slip Shower Mats for Resurfaced Showers

Just as with resurfaced bathtubs, the resurfacing companies suggest not using mats with suction cups as the suction cup could damage the finish.  Therefore, we suggest those listed under non-slip shower mats for textured floors.

Great Non-Slip Shower Mats for Smooth or Tile Shower Floors

I like shower mats that have suction cups.  For me, they lend confidence to my entry into the shower.  Plus, there are many more non-slip shower mats choices for smooth surfaces than for textured floors.

Image of Tiled Shower
Tiled Shower needing non-slip mat

Remember, shower mats with suction cups do not adhere well to textured surfaces because the textured surface can allow water to collect under the suction cup and loosen its adherence.  Let’s take a look at some of our options for smooth or tile floors.

This shower mat view on Amazon is made of natural rubber and has 140 suction cups.  Treated for microbial protection the entire surface is bacteria resistant.  I always hated lifting my mat and finding discoloring underneath.

Additionally, it is machine washable aiding in keeping it bacteria-free.   The center drainage hole accompanied with smaller holes throughout allow for ample water drainage and plenty of air for drying.  This low clearance mat makes it easy to navigate for persons with mobility issues. 

Remember to secure the suctions cups prior to each use.

This 21”x21” non-slip shower mat view on Amazon has over 160 large suction cups giving extra grip to any smooth surface.   It is anti-bacterial and microbial resistant.

I love the fact that you can throw it in the washing machine which is especially helpful in countering any build-up from those delicious oils and soaps I use.  And for my sensitive or allergic friends, this is a latex-free mat with a 10-year warranty.  I love a company that backs its product!

This “gorilla grip” shower mat as seen on Amazon has several color choices plus all the do-dads; hundreds of suction cups, ample drain holes for great air circulation, microbial, anti-bacterial, latex-free, and machine washable.  Who would have thought shower mats would be so much fun!  We like the 10-year warranty and think you will too.

I especially like the pretty shell pattern of this shower mat. View on Amazon.  It’s available in clear or purple, is latex-free, resistant to bacteria, and is machine washable. The drain holes in this mat fit the pattern allowing for proper water drainage and ample air circulation.

Its 21”x21” square shape could be just the right size for your shower stall.  My favorite part of this shower mat is its 60-day money-back guarantee, coupled with an 18-month quality warranty.  Just think, washing it weekly to keep it fresh and you’re good to go for a year and a half.

Finally, this mat viewed on Amazon is a pretty blue 22”x22” shower mat. It is made of natural rubber and sports qualities of being anti-bacterial and machine washable.  It’s suction cups cause it to firmly adhere to the smooth surface of your shower floor, then you hang it for drying between uses.   

All these shower mats are thin enough to aid in avoiding any tripping hazard under shuffling feet.  Just remember to press the suction cups to the floor of the shower before you step in to avoid any falling or tripping hazard.

Non-slip shower mat prices range from $12.99-$79.95, a very small price to pay for your family’s safety.  I found something I liked, and I trust you did too.  Keep yourselves safe and live life to the fullest! 

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