Who doesn’t like watching movies and TV shows in their pastime? Everyone, including our senior citizens, love having movie nights. However, as a senior individual, sitting on the sofa for long periods of time while watching TV or a movie can aggravate certain medical conditions, such as a bad back.

No matter your age, a portable DVD player allows you to easily move from one location to another. Sometimes, you will want to watch while reclining in bed, curled up on the sofa, in the park, on a long ride, or wherever you want.

Knowing which is the best portable DVD player for the elderly person you know allows them to watch videos or listen to music anywhere, anytime. If you live with other people in the house, such as your children or a partner, having a portable DVD player can come in handy.

You can have a private viewing experience anytime you want by watching something on your portable DVD player. Turning up the volume so you can hear it means you will not be disturbing others in your home. Just plug in your headphones, increase the volume to your desired level, and enjoy.

Modern-day DVD players have a USB port and SD card. You can buy movies and TV shows from a video streaming website, put the movies on the USB, and store them in the SD card on your DVD player.

There are tons of advantages to why you should have a portable DVD player, but one big one is the convenience it offers you. If you are ready to purchase your portable DVD player, you need to get the best one.

There are many portable DVD players in today’s market, but which one is best for you? We are highlighting this particular player for its functions and features. Before you decide, consider the following points and determine which features you must have.

What info do I need?

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Player for the Elderly

Here is a list of features you need to consider when buying a portable player for the elderly:

1. Lightweight

A portable DVD player means you can carry it around with you, but is it lightweight? Knowing how much can carry and for how long is essential. Understanding any weight limitations will help you determine the best choice for you.

2. User-Friendly

Most seniors struggle to learn how to operate new technology. If a DVD player is difficult and complicated to operate, it will lessen their enjoyment.

It is better to get a DVD player with a user-friendly interface and controls. Even though most brands will say their DVD player is easy to use, we suggest you read user reviews to confirm that claim.

3. Display Screen Size

Watching on a small screen can strain your eyes. With age, weak eyesight can be an issue making it necessary to purchase a player with a large screen. A big display screen makes it easier to focus on the images, especially if you are watching something in the car.

4. Controls

A portable DVD player comes with two types of controls — buttons or a touch-sensitive screen. Individual preference will determine which type of control you would like to use. Any control used should not depreciate with use.


5. Durable

Reading customer reviews will help you understand the durability of the DVD player you want. You want the DVD player to perform well for a long time.

6. Media Files and Storage

Your DVD player should be able to support several types of media files and offer ample storage space to store those files. If it has a USB port, ample storage space is a must.

7. Price

You need to get the best value for your money. There is a wide variety of pricing from cheap to unreasonably expensive.  You will need to decide based on the necessary features for you and your budget.

Best Portable DVD Player for the Elderly:  The Wonnie 17.9” Portable DVD/CD Player

Portable DVD/CD player

What Makes it the Best Portable DVD Player for the Elderly?

The Wonnie 17.9” Portable DVD/CD player is powered by a 5000 mAH lithium battery, thus allowing you to watch movies and TVs for up to 6 hours when fully charged. The portable DVD player comes with an AC adapter and a car charger. The large 15.5” screen swivels and flips.

It is compatible with various playing formats except for blue-ray DVD format. This high definition unit can be paired to the TV another DVD player for TV viewing.

It sports a USB port, SD card, and an MMC card. It offers up to 32 GB of storage space. It has stereo sound speakers and you can listen to it on your headphones. The larger screen means it weighs in at 5.29 pounds. 


  • Mere 5.29 pounds
  • Larger viewing screen
  • Last place setup
  • Remote control
  • Several audio and video formats supported
  • Stereo sound speakers
  • Plays video and music
  • AC adapter and car charger
  • 270-degree swivel and 180-degree flip screen
  • Watch movies up to 6 hours
  • Multi-region discs supported
  • Affordable
  • 12-month warranty and lifetime customer support 


  • Blue-ray DVDs not supported
  • Difficult to find a headrest holder

Why Should You Purchase a Portable DVD Player for the Elderly?

Portable DVD players are great for the elderly because they can enjoy their choice of entertainment at will. If you want the ability to watch movies and TV shows and listen to music on a hand-held and portable device, get a DVD player that can do all that for you.

Although there are many portable DVD players at a lower price point this one has a large viewing screen which is great for your eyes. The addition of a remote aids in easy of use.

We love the features of this unit and are sure you will as well. Get yours today and may all your entertainment needs be the best you have ever known.

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