The significance of physical activity and exercise for aging adults cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it is more important to be fit and active in old age than in any other age. Brisk walking and running are the easiest yet most effective activities that seniors love to engage in. Whether you like running with your spouse, your grandchildren, or your elderly friends, it has the power to keep you away from the debilitating diseases that might be looming as you age.

Did your doctor recommend you to hit the gym for improved mobility and overall well-being? Or are you trying to shed some extra pounds to look hot in your sixties? Or maybe you just enjoy the feel of the fresh air on your face and the energy pulsing through you as you run. Whatever the reason be, you are all set to go out for a run! However, there’s one thing you are forgetting: your perfect pair of running shoes!

Even if you own one, it’s always great to invest in the most comfortable and effective running shoes. So, here we are with our top picks for the best running shoes for the elderly.

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Things to Consider When Buying Running Shoes

Surely, you don’t buy a thing just off the rack without ensuring that it has got everything that you want. Now, you are wiser and even more careful. When looking for the best running shoes for the elderly, you need to consider the following 5 things:

  • Designed for Running

While they appear similar to any other sneakers, running shoes are designed with features that make running easier for you. Make sure that the shoes you are buying are meant to be used for running. These shoes will provide cushioning for shock absorption and prevent injury.

  • Value for Money

An expensive product usually means greater features whereas a cheaper product might just not be worth it. Buy a pair of shoes that offer good value for money. The best running shoes will be affordable and packed with features.

  • Perfect Fit

The shoe must fit you perfectly. Don’t buy an ill-fitting shoe, as it can ruin the entire running experience. It should be loose enough to allow for the spread of the foot and tight enough to comfortably hug your foot without being clumsy.

  • Lightweight

Let’s be honest. Your joints and bones aren’t the same as they used to be. Wearing a heavy shoe while running would only slow you down further. It’s best to opt for a lightweight pair of running shoes so that you can move easily

  • Comfortable and Flexible

The best running shoes must provide maximum comfort and flexibility for your aging feet. You need to look for mesh or leather uppers and lower heels. The best running shoes for the elderly come with cushioning to prevent strain on the joints and ligaments.

We searched and judged a lot of products to find what’s best for you. Here are our top picks:

Best Running Shoes for Senior Ladies: ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4 Running Shoe

What Makes It the Best Running Shoes for Elderly Women?

Women’s ASICS shoe

ASICS is a brand that’s known for its performance-driven athletic shoes. ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4 running shoes are our top pick for elderly women. Made with 100% synthetic material, they offer maximum comfort and high durability. It has a rubber sole and is equipped with the signature GEL Cushioning technology which saves the rear and forefoot from impact and shock. It provides a smooth transition to mid-stance. 

It has a removable sock-liner which is a perfect feature if you need to replace it with a medical orthotic. The ASICS High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR outsole resists wear and tear and makes the product last longer. It also takes care of the high-impact critical parts of the shoe. 

You can purchase this product in a variety of bright, reflective colors, and designs. The colors are visible even if you decide to go for a run during lowlight hours!


  • Great heel and arch support
  • Shock-absorbent Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System
  • Bright color and stylish design
  • Sturdy and ideal for flat arches


  • If ordered in the original size, the shoes will be quite snug; you might have to order one size bigger.

Best Running Shoes for Senior Men: PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

Men’s Puma running shoe

What Makes It the Best Running Shoes for Elderly Men?

Puma! Dare we say more? The brand has undoubtedly made its name as a quality footwear manufacturer. Their attention to detail and superior-quality material have made them a global athletic brand. It’s always a good idea to invest in recognized brands and that’s why we have picked PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoes for our hunky, senior men!

This pair of running shoes is masculine and stylish. It has a sleek, streamlined shape which makes it quite attractive. It is prepared with 100% synthetic leather. The shoe fits perfectly due to its midfoot saddle, T-toe construction, and lace closure.

For seniors, it offers a breathable Eco OrthoLite sock liner and a cushioned midsole. To take your safety and comfort one notch up, it has an EVA heel pod in the heel for matchless shock absorption. These shoes are extremely stable due to the TPU shank. Getting a pair of PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoes is an incredibly smart investment!


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great for regular wear
  • A sleek and streamlined look


  • Lacks arch support
  • Gets dirty pretty quickly

Why Should You Purchase Running Shoes?

Still not convinced about buying a pair of running shoes? A lot of seniors believe that they can do “just fine” in their regular pair of shoes. Unfortunately, using a regular pair of sneakers for running can do more harm than good. Is it worth the risk? Absolutely not!

It is vital for you to keep in mind the purpose of running shoes. They protect and support you. With a poor-quality exterior sole or tread, or a worn and torn midsole or upper, your body will absorb all the shock caused by running. Let’s face it, aging often weakens your joints and reduces your ability to bear injuries. Purchasing quality running shoes saves your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

So, why hesitate to buy yourself a quality pair of running shoes? Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay protected!

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