Why should young people have all the fun? After all, you are only as old as you feel, right?

The senior age bracket is a great time to vacation. I know you might disagree with me considering the aches and pains in your body, your limited mobility, or the bag full of medication that you carry with you everywhere. But, hear me out on this.

You were busy all your younger years earning a good living and securing your future. Now that you have an ample savings account and/or children who would love to take you on a vacation, you are backing off? Think about it, life’s not fair but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

You are now a member of the senior set and you deserve to have a great time! Elderly people have confessed time and again that they felt younger and healthier when they visited different places and explored different holiday spots.

The United States of America is famous for its senior-loving tourist destinations and finding the places for the best U.S. vacations for the elderly shouldn’t be too difficult. All you need is a little bit of information and that is what we are here for.

Things to Consider When Planning a Vacation for the Elderly

Even though you have the same level of excitement for the vacation as your grandchildren (or maybe more), it’s best to check some basic realities first. There are a few things that you should not be doing and a few things that would make your experience even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some important considerations are:

  • The destinations must be friendly to seniors with limited mobility. Wheelchair access and comfortable walkways should be present.
  • The visitors must have access to all the amenities, especially a comfortable toilet.
  • The vacation spot should have access to a hospital or a doctor. It should be not so remote that ambulances or medical help take time to reach them in case of an emergency.
  • It’s important that there is no language barrier or communication gap between the tourists and the local crowd.

Top 3 Best U.S. Vacations for the Elderly

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada

There’s no place like Vegas. Las Vegas is the perfect spot for vacation irrespective of your age. It’s packed with fun places and activities. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Las Vegas before, now is the time to head there.

One must-visit location in Las Vegas is the Neon Museum showcasing the iconic Las Vegas signs. The historic stories of the creation of each sign will flood you with memories. The signs light up at night and are a sight to behold.

Another plus is the availability of benches throughout the museum; you can sit, catch your breath, and relax while enjoying the display. The museum is wheelchair accessible so that people with restricted mobility can have a good time.

Another noteworthy spot is the Bellagio Fountains. Have you ever watched a 30-minutes long, perfectly-choreographed show of dancing fountains? No? Then you must visit the fountains.

We’re positive you’ll love the incredible lights and music there. Who knows, maybe you’ll teach some new dance moves to the millennials! This display is free of cost and it would be best for you to reach there ahead of time to enjoy the view especially if you are in a wheelchair.

If gaming in on your ticket, you will find a wide variety of Casinos.  Each one has its own flare with huge genera of architecture, attractions, entertaining shows, and miles of shops.  Gaming or not you will enjoy walking through these proudly displayed interiors which you immensely enjoy as a retreat from the summer heat.

Lastly, don’t forget to zip line at the SlotZilla Zip Line. Located on the famous “Freemont Street Experience” this canopied area is wheelchair-accessible. Zipping above the crowds you’ll be able to boast about being brave and adventurous to your group!

2. Daytona Beach, Florida

At the Beach

Doesn’t everyone just love a beach trip! The best U.S. vacation for the elderly would be incomplete without getting some salt in your hair and walking down the beach while the waves kiss your feet.

Florida is famous for its breathtaking beaches and warm, sunny weather. So, put your flip flops on and soak some vitamin D on the Daytona Beach.

You will fall in love with the tall palm trees and pleasant wind caressing your face. You can relax on the beach, go for a dip in the cool waters, stroll along holding hands with the love of your life, and watch the sunset while listening to the lull of the ocean waves.

Add a bit more entertainment to your event by watching a movie at the Paragon theaters located at Ocean Walk shops. Don’t worry! The theatre has a wheelchair-friendly elevator and will take you to the top for a clearer view.

You can also include a stop at the Daytona Cigar Club and try one of their cigars if you are into it. If your doctor said “no smoking”, the club also welcomes non-smokers and is well-ventilated. You can enjoy refreshing drinks and groovy beats.

Keep some extra cash to spend at the Dunn’s Attic and Auction House. You can buy gifts for your friends and children here and the staff would love to assist you in finding unique treasures for everyone.

3. Washington, D.C.

The US Capitol Building Washington DC

We believe there’s a strong connection between the historic capital and the mature soul. The serene environment of the city and the rich historical background certainly has a different sort of attraction for the seniors. Hence, it’s number three on our list of best U.S. vacations for the elderly.

You can book a tour of the White House in advance. Tour the capitol building and meet your Congressmen. Take your ID with you and request a wheelchair as you can borrow one there. You’ll get one at the visitor’s entrance.

Another great recommendation for seniors with limited mobility is to travel via the shuttle service which takes you from Independence Avenue all the way to the First St. SW. This will save you from all the walking.

While visiting Washington, do pay a visit to the Lincoln Memorial. Located at one end of “the Mall” tourist area, this location has beautiful fountains, memorials to our fallen soldiers from every war, and the Washington monument on the opposite end from the Lincoln Memorial, not to mention the pool in the middle of all these wonderful sights. Since it’s free of cost, you can enjoy it without thinking about your budget.

An additional must feature is the Smithsonian Museums. Nineteen different museums in that many locations are massive contributors and collections of memorabilia, information, archives, history, and fun. Prepare yourself for an all-day journey so pick the one that you think you would most enjoy.

When I visited Washington DC with my mother I was impressed with the availability of wheelchairs. My mother had no mobility issues but tired easily from walking and standing. She was able to see all the sights as we wheeled her around.

So, pack your bag, book your tickets, and show everyone that the best vacations are planned after retirement! Have a great time!


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