Most aging adults and seniors often face mobility issues in terms of walking properly, maintaining their balance, and holding an upright posture. These are common age-related problems that are typically associated with the aging process.

No matter the symptoms of age, many active seniors still enjoy the great outdoors and are looking for aid and assurance that regardless of the terrain they can continue exploring nature and all it has to offer.   That is why we are writing to advise you on the best walking stick for the elderly.

Whether you are an active mobile senior or you are experiencing some limits to your mobility, a walking stick is one of the most efficient and beneficial aids available.  Walking sticks help one to walk properly, improves posture, helps maintain proper balance, allows people to walk with confident independence, and greatly aids in relieving tension on people’s bones and joints.

The best part about walking sticks is that you can continue to enjoy outdoor activities in very diverse conditions and terrains.  Seniors who love to walk will greatly appreciate the aid of a good walking stick.

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Things to consider

Things to Consider When Buying a Walking Stick

There are different types of walking sticks that are made of different materials.  They come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Each type offers unique benefits and uses that suit individuals according to their walking needs and preferences.

When buying a walking stick, there are certain features and factors to consider in order to get the one that perfectly caters to your needs. You want to avoid getting a walking stick that doesn’t suit your height or is uncomfortable for you to hold into.

· The Material

You will find a wide range of walking sticks made from a variety of different materials. Two of the most popular materials are wood and aluminum. Wooden walking sticks are extremely sturdy and long-lasting while the aluminum sticks are incredibly lightweight and provide extra flexibility. Which of these factors best meets your needs?  Answering this question will help you determine what material is best for you.

· Height of the Stick

Walking with a stick that is suitable for your height is a must. If the walking stick is too long, you won’t be able to maintain proper balance while using it, and if it is too short, it is likely to cause instability. You must ensure that the stick has the ideal height for you and allows you to walk properly while maintaining balance and steadiness.

· The Handle

Choosing the right handle is as important as the materials the stick is made of. Walking stick handles are generally made of rubber, foam, plastic, or wood. If you suffer from pain and discomfort in your hands, foam handles are best for you. Similarly, the size of the handle also matters. People with joint pain and arthritis are most likely to opt for a handle with a larger looser grip ratio. You should get the one that best fits your palm and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

· The Tip of the Stick

Walking sticks typically come with two types of tips: single tips and quadruple tips. Both types are made of rubber and are present at the bottom of the stick. Single tip walking sticks are ideal for those who wish to ease pressure points while walking, and quadruple tips are meant for those who have severe joint pain and are less mobile.

If you are looking for a suitable walking stick for yourself or for an elderly loved one, here is our top pick for the best walking stick for the elderly.

Best Walking Stick for Seniors: BAFX Products (TM – 2 Pack – Anti Shock Hiking/Walking/Trekking Trail Poles

BAFX Anti-Shock Hiking, Walking, Trekking Poles

What Makes It the Best Walking Stick for the Elderly?

As the name suggests, these BAFX adjustable anti-shock hiking poles are not just a walking stick but they are a hiking and trekking pole. This makes it an excellent multi-purpose stick that isn’t meant just for the elderly; it can be used by those adventurers who like trekking and hiking.

It has a great ergonomic, comfy design courtesy of the wrist straps and easy-to-grip cork handles. The handles and straps allow users to walk with great convenience and also maintain their balance at the same time.

The stick has a 3-section extendable pole, which means that you can easily adjust its height according to how tall or short you want it to be. Additionally, it also comes with three different pole tips, which make it ideal for all types of terrains.

The best part about this walking stick is its innovative design feature called the ‘anti-shock feature.’ This helps the stick maintain excellent stability and balance, especially on rugged or uneven topography. It has an anti-shock spring located in the upper section that absorbs shock and sudden impacts from the spring.


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Pros and Cons
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It is extremely sturdy and durable
  • Excellent for hiking and trekking
  • Great value for money


  • The compass doesn’t always work properly
  • Some seniors might not find it comfortable since it is mainly for hiking

Why Should You Purchase a Walking Stick?

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Man on Hiking trail with a walking stick

Walking sticks are excellent mobility aids and help combat all potential mobility-related issues. A properly fitted walking stick helps achieve a healthy and independent lifestyle by alleviating pain, improving posture, and helping you maintain balance as you go about your daily tasks.

They are particularly beneficial for the elderly because most aging adults are prone to a number of physical health problems that seriously limit their mobility.  At the same time, using walking sticks aids seniors who long to enjoy hiking through the great outdoors.

Also, it is a major misconception that walking sticks and canes are only meant for the elderly. Even when trekking or hiking, using walking sticks or poles simply adds to the experience and makes it more enjoyable by providing you increased stability and balance while you are walking.  

However, for aging active seniors, this walking stick may be your ticket to enjoying life the way you have always lived it:  independent, free, and in the great outdoors.  Don’t stop living…Start walking!

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