Folding commodes, also known as autonomy chairs, are commonly used by the elderly who are stricken with medical conditions that prevent them from walking to the bathroom to use the toilet. A folding commode is a good option for anyone with limited or reduced mobility.

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Seniors who prefer living at home over a senior assisted living facility may opt for a folding commode because they can place it beside their bed. One of the biggest advantages of investing in a folding commode is that it gives people the freedom to get up and use the toilet without having to walk to the bathroom or requiring help from another person.

A folding commode also saves people from embarrassment when they have a live-at-home caregiver. They do not need to wake up the caregiver to use the toilet because they can manage on their own. Even if the caregiver is a family member, they may still feel embarrassed asking for help to perform such an intimate and personal act.

For this reason, it is important for the elderly to select the right type of folding commode to use in their home. Since there are several types of folding commodes for the elderly in the market, people need to look at the features of the folding commode before they purchase one.

Things to Consider When Buying Folding Commodes for Elderly

Here is a list of things seniors and people with restricted mobility need to consider before they buy a folding commode:

1. Adjustable Height

Some folding commode models allow you to adjust the height of the chairs. The manufacturer installs the adjustable chair on top of the toilet. This saves you time because you do not have to install a fixed toilet booster over it.

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2. Safety Features

Most folding commodes come with support bars, which reduces the risk of falls and injuries. The support bars allow the elderly to get on the toilet and balance themselves. If you lack strength, having support bars, offering a good, solid grip is a must on a folding commode for you.

3. Easy to Store and Transport

You can fold and store most folding commodes. If you need to travel, you can take it with you. Most seniors will not want to draw attention to their toilet. Therefore, storing the toilet for traveling in a discreet way is possible.

4. Lightweight

For those who travel several times a year, they require a lightweight folding commode, which they can easily take with them on vacation.

What Are the Best Folding Commodes for Elderly?

If you are searching for the best folding commode for elderly persons, here is a list of three folding commodes along with their pros and cons to help you decide:

1. NOVA Folding Commode

NOVA Folding Commode can be placed by your bedside or on top of an existing toilet. The folding commode comes with a splash guard and bucket with lid and handle, which can hold up to 7.5 quarts. You can assemble it easily without needing any tools to do it.

If you need to take it with you, you fold and unfold it within seconds to store and set it up. Made from premium quality steel, it will last several years. The toilet is easy to clean. It features a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

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Pros and cons


  • Can be used as a standalone toilet
  • Comes with a bucket with handle and lid plus a splash guard
  • Easy to store
  • Portable and great for traveling
  • Adjustable seat
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Support bars


  • Warranty is not stated clearly
  • May be uncomfortable to sit on for some
  • Available in one color

2. Vive Bedside Commode

Vive Bedside Commode is a convenient and easy to use solution for seniors. The lightweight folding commode is sturdy with a durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame. You can adjust the height of the chair. The folding commode comes with a lid and splash guard and has a holding capacity of 7.5 quarts.

Each leg of the chair has a nonskid rubber tip for additional stability and the armrests of soft fabric that provide added comfort. The armrests also offer a secure grip for the user. You can use it as a standalone toilet, an elevated seat for a current toilet, or a toilet safety rail. It is easy to store and transport as well.

You do not need any tools to assemble it because each pushpin clicks into place. The folding commode is easy to clean. You can clean it using disinfectant wipes or another cleaning solution.

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pros and cons


  • Made from corrosion-resistant and sturdy stainless steel material
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • The bucket can hold up to 7.5 quarts
  • Pail and carry handle can reduce spills and splashes
  • Nonslip design with nonskid rubber tips on each leg
  • Weight capacity of up to 350 pounds
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft armrests for added comfort
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Available in one color

3. UltraCommode™ Foldable Commode

UltraCommode™ Foldable Commode offers excellent comfort to users. The folding commode features a soft and padded seat base, armrests, and backrest. The manufacturer has added commercial grade PU foam. The foam will not absorb water, prevents sliding, and is easy to clean and disinfect as well. You can also use it as a shower chair.

It offers an extra-large seat, bigger than most seats on folding commodes. The open front allows you to clean and wipe the folding commode easily. Unlike an old-fashioned commode, this one does not have a metal bar or toilet seat.

It features unique armrests, which pivot for increased convenience. Since the armrests can swing back, it allows you to get on and off the chair easily. It will not take you long to assemble the folding commode either as it does not require any tools to put it together.

This folding commode’s frame is made of rust-free aluminum for longevity. You can adjust the chair’s height. If you need to travel, fold and store it. You can choose from two colors, blue and gray.


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pros and cons
  • Includes soft and padded seat base, armrests, and backrests
  • Can be used as a shower chair
  • Commercial grade PU foam does not absorb water, prevents sliding, and is easy to clean
  • Features a 16” x 16” extra-large seat
  • Open front access for proper and safer access
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Can adjust the height
  • Comes with free pail and lid
  • Available in two colors, gray and blue
  • Frame made of corrosion-resistant aluminum


  • Warranty information not stated clearly
  • Very expensive

Why Should You Purchase Folding Commodes for Elderly?

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Thank you for your assistance

If you are fragile and suffer from limited mobility due to a medical condition, consider investing in a folding commode. Even though most people who require a folding commode are the elderly, people who have lost mobility in their limbs and are unable to walk long distances to use the bathroom can also benefit from a folding commode.

If you are searching for folding commodes for the elderly, you can consider one of the folding commodes listed here. Know your budget as well as the different features in each one before you purchase one of them. Examining customer reviews, comments and their average star rating on websites will aid you in making the wisest choice for you.

No one enjoys being at the mercy of others to assist you in using your bathroom facilities.  One of these commodes is beneficial in preserving the desired dignity and privacy that everyone enjoys.  Thank you for reading our review.  

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