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Recently while doing research for a blog I ran across something I had never seen, nor had I heard of.  It was called a security pole.  I thought, what an incredible device the security pole for the elderly would be for maintaining independence.

This pole extends from the floor to the ceiling and is used for safety or support in a myriad of different situations.  Since my blog was about fall prevention measures for the home, I was thrilled with my discovery and thought, “my mom needs one of these.”  It’s uncanny to me, as I explore products that enable the elderly to remain independent, just how useful this device might be in my future. 

Who Needs a Security Pole?

Image older couple holding back and walking
Older couple who need help to stand

The security pole provides independence for persons needing stability when they are raising and lowering themselves into chairs, upon beds, or onto toilet seats.  It is an excellent aid when entering and exiting the bathtub and or shower.  It can also provide stability as you navigate around your kitchen or home. 

Even though my focus is on elderly people, I believe the security pole would be useful for anyone needing aid due to injury, surgery, or disability (temporary or permanent).  For everyone, particularly the elderly, these easy to install devices give aid where needed and peace of mind for independent living.  Starting at around $130.00, their cost is minimal, especially when compared to what medical bills can cost if you fall.

Our Security Pole Recommendations

While the function of all the security poles we recommend are the same, the features and prices vary.  Every one of these poles is tension mounted between your floor and the ceiling.

Image of folded measuring stick
Measure your Ceiling height before purchasing

Because ceiling heights vary it is important you know the height and angle of your ceiling.  Then make sure the pole your purchase will extend to the proper height.  If the pole you really want is too short for your ceiling, check to see if you can purchase an extension kit for it.

I have 10-foot ceilings in my home.  While several of these poles accommodate that height, I would need to purchase an extension kit for any of the shorter poles.

Depending on the pole you buy you may also need an accessory for any slanted or sloped ceilings you have.   Be sure to purchase a pole that will accommodate slanted or sloped ceiling or one that includes the necessary accessory for these types of ceilings.

Security Pole Options

Stander Security Pole

This tension mounted security pole, seen on Amazon, is made by Stander.  Its sleek design makes it ideal for use in any room.  Being tension mounted it is easily installed in a bathroom or beside a chair or bed.

It does not require screws or bolts to stay securely in place because you tighten the tension on the pole with the included wrench.  (FYI Screws are included if you prefer to permanently mount it in the area you place it in.)

This pole comes with an adjustable extension making it useful in rooms with a 7 to 10-foot-high flat ceilings.  It is not recommended for sloped ceilings, however, there are other models that are.

Both the ceiling and the floor plates are designed to be used with any type of surface such as carpet, sheetrock, tile, etc., without marring.  Made of rust-resistant steel and finished in a white powder coating, it offers support for persons up to 300 pounds. 

The pole is delivered in pieces.  There are two pole pieces (one with an extension for ceiling height adjustment), a ceiling plate, a floor plate, a tension bolt, a padded grip cover, and the tools necessary for assembly and tension adjustment.

The upper pole piece includes the extension for height adjustment and attaches to the ceiling support plate.  The ceiling plate adds to the stability of the pole once the tension is adjusted.  The plate is approximately 22” across making it easily mountable to ceiling studs should you desire to do so.

The lower pole piece fits securely into the floor plate with the tension bolt being close to the center of the pole.  Once the pole is assembled and the height extension bar is in its proper place for your ceiling height, simply adjust the tension with the included wrench and the pole is ready for use. 

A padded grip cover wraps around the tension bolt area and offers a secure grip for your hand during use.  Some taller people found the grip area to be too low for the proper leverage of their height. If you are a taller person you may be better served by the next recommended model.

Stander Security Pole with Curved Grab Bars

This Stander security pole with a curved grab bar, view on Amazon. It is made by the same company as the previous security pole we discussed.  It has the same height adjustment of 7-10 feet ceilings, with mar proof ceiling and floor plates.

image of woman on a weight scale
Security poles will support your weight

It is tension mounted for easy installation but can be permanently installed with the enclosed screws.  It is made of rust-resistant zinc-plated steel which makes it strong enough to support 300 lbs.

This white powder-coated pole could be used in the bathroom for entry and exit to showers and bathtubs, for setting and rising from the toilet seat, in the bedroom to aid in getting in and out of bed, or next to your favorite chair assisting the user in independent setting and standing.

The one outstanding feature of this model is the Ergonomic Ladder Grip bar that attaches to the pole.  Because the grip bar is two different heights, it accommodates taller and shorter persons, even allowing them to use both hands to pull themselves up when necessary.

The grab bar rotates a full 360 degrees around the pole locking into place every 45 degrees.  This is especially useful if you place the pole between the toilet and the bathtub or shower.  Simply rotate the garb bar around to its most useful position for your current activity.

Pluses for These Two Security Poles

Oftentimes people buy a pole for each room they need assistance in.  That is one for the bathroom, one beside the chair and one beside their bed.  Some people even place one in the kitchen for support assistance.

Image of Handy woman saying thumbs up, you can
Security pole easy to install

However, the pole can be easily moved from one room to another.  One customer noted if she needed to move it to another room to assist her spouse, she could easily do so by relieving the tension then carrying the pole to the needed area, standing it upright and increasing the tension.  The pole would be just as secure after relocation as it was where it came from.

Stander also backs these poles with a lifetime warranty.  Unsatisfied??  Full refund.  Broken pole??  Full refund.  Very few of the customer comments were negative and those that were tended to be directed toward the pole that does not have the ergonomic curved grip bar.

Negatives for These Two Security Poles

  • Neither one of these poles works in rooms with sloped or angled ceilings.
  • There is not an extender available for ceilings higher than 10 feet.
  • Occasionally a customer reported the height adjustment was problematic because their ceiling height was not a standard measurement in inches.  However, complaints of this nature were rare.

Healthcraft Security Poles with Options

 The Super Pole, made by Healthcraft, as seen on Amazon, is a wonderful option.   Made of alloy steel, with a ceiling extension range of 99 inches (or 8.5 feet), the Super Security Pole supports persons up to 300 pounds.

It is water-resistant and sports an Anti-microbial white powder coat.   The rubber pads included on the floor and ceiling plates keep the plates from slipping as well as assuring they will leave no marks in those areas.

The tension pressure is exerted at the base of the pole which houses a jackscrew.  Once standing and perpendicular to the floor, turning the jackscrew adjusts the pressure between floor and ceiling making the pole “rock solid” as some customers reported.

Also included on the pole is a foam non-slip grip.  This is a godsend to those persons with weaker grips.

Accessory Options

Image of bedroom with sloped ceiling
Sloped ceiling in bedroom

Healthcraft provides an accessory that is this an angled ceiling top plate, view on Amazon.  This kit can be added to your current super pole for use in a room with angled or sloped ceilings.  The angle adjustment on this plate accommodates ceilings with a 45 degree to 9-degree angle.

Another option is the Super Pole Bar shown here on Amazon.  This bar can be attached to your super pole somewhere between 24” and 38 inches above the base of the pole.  It extends 16” out from the pole at a 90-degree angle. This option affords real personalization for the user.    

In addition, you can add bars to accommodate your needs.  An example is dual-use in the bathroom.  One bar would be lower for aid in toilet use and the other bar would be higher for aid in entering and exiting the bathtub.  These bars are also mechanically adjusted for rotation around the pole.

These accessory options are at an additional cost to the price of the original Super Pole.  Since the Super pole extends only 99 inches high, to utilize it in a room with 10-foot ceilings you must buy the extension kit adding to your cost.

However, the Super Pole is sold with the angled ceiling plate by Invisia as shown on Amazon, or with one bar like this one view on Amazon.  The price for the Super Pole added to the price of the accessorized angled ceiling plate or accessorized individual bar results in a higher cost than to buy the Super Pole with the angle plate or with the bar included.

Example: Super Pole + angle plate=total cost.  Or pole@$179.00+plate@149.00=$328.00.  Or purchase the pole with angle plate included @$269.00.  (These dollar amounts are for example only not the actual cost.) 

We recommend you determine your product needs and your budget.  Then when you purchase be sure to check the description.  If it says kit, ceiling plate, or bar only, these are the accessory kits.  You will still need to purchase the Super Pole if you buy one of these accessories.

Signature Life All-in-One Security Pole for the Elderly

The pole pictured here seen on Amazon is by Signature Life.  This aluminum pole is finished in adonized dark bronze or metallic gray finish, making this pole an attractive accessory to any room.

This model pole has a wrapped grip plus two perpendicular grab bars that curve in partial circles around the circumference of the pole.  These bars are adjustable in height and can be placed at any height on the pole personalizing them to your specifications. 

Image of living room with a recliner in the corner
Your mom in this chair may need a security pole

It too is tension mounted and adjusts to ceiling heights of 7 to 10 feet while supporting up to 300 pounds of weight.  But what is even better is the ceiling plate accommodates both flat and sloped ceilings, without the need to purchase an additional piece. 

Another attractive feature:  this is the only pole listed that can extend upwards to a 12-foot ceiling height.  The Extension pole seen here on Amazon must be purchased separately at additional cost.

Though this is the priciest model listed it has some very attractive features such as its choice of two attractive finishes, it’s outstanding height capacity, the decorative grab bars, and it’s built-in ceiling plate which is useful with flat or sloped ceilings.  This is an all in one security pole.

Additional Option for Security Pole

This security pole, view on Amazon, is made by Able Life an includes many of the same features offered with other poles.  Its extensions accommodate ceilings 7, 8, and 9-foot high is tension mounted and has an adjustable height horseshoe-shaped grab bar.  This pole will support 300 pounds.  A common complaint from customers is the need to place the ceiling plate is on a stud so as not to dent the drywall of your ceiling.

This security pole does not have accessory options for higher height adjustment, or slopped ceilings nor does the handle swivel around the pole so be sure to place the pole where the handle can be easily acquired.


Image of elderly couple in a globe being held between right and left hands
Older couple getting assistance

Many people need assistance standing and lowering themselves onto the toilet or into their favorite chair.  While everyone is subject to the aging process and its inevitable results, being able to remain independent is vital.

These security poles provide support in every room of our home at a minimal cost.  They are space-efficient, modern, functional, and practical.  They can be permanently mounted or temporarily installed but they are vital to persons needing a little bit of aid in everyday living.

I hope you never need one, but I am also glad that they are available if necessary.  Thank you for taking the time to read my short information sheet on security poles for the elderly.  Blessings in your years of independence.

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