Tall Toilets for The Elderly

Tall Toilets for the Elderly


When my daughter was born everyone said, “Enjoy them because they grow up quick.”  Little did I know (or it never occurred to me) that I would be growing with them.  Not so much up as in years.

In these my golden years.  I am utterly shocked that I am having to pay attention to things that I never thought about before.  One of those things is the height of my toilet.  Is my current toilet tall enough or do I need to get a tall toilet for the elderly me?

All my life I have approached this device with little thought, sat, did my business, and stood, as a matter of course.  Suddenly, with the advent of my golden years, I find myself appreciating the toilet that is easier to lift myself up from.

As a matter of fact, I recently fell into a toilet that was so low I nearly toppled over.  The hard part was the stall did not have anything available to grab hold of, so I had to think through the effort to stand.

What happens when the relatively normal body ages to the point that it needs aid to stand?  One answer; is a tall toilet.  So, I went to work to find some tall toilets for the elderly.  What I found was there are several ways to increase your toilet height.

Tall or “Comfort Height” Toilets for The Elderly

Most toilets have a standard height of 14-15 inches from the floor to the bowl rim.  Believe it or not, there is an advantage to this height.  When the knees are higher than the waist it opens the bowel for easier elimination.

But this height is more difficult to lower into and rise from than the standard height of a chair seat which is usually 16-19 inches from the floor.  The Americans with Disabilities Act has implemented the standard height for public toilets for the disabled be to 16-17 inches tall.  I remember noticing the difference in the height the first time I used an ADA toilet.

I thought the added height was great.  So much so that the last time I bought a toilet it was a tall toilet.  Let’s look at some of these taller than average toilets.

Image of a bathroom elongated toilet
Elongated toilet

Three Tall Toilets by Kohler

This tall toilet, made by Kohler and seen on Amazon, has an elongated bowl.  Many people say the elongated bowl is more comfortable than the regular circle bowl.

This two-piece toilet has a dual flush handle allowing you to choose the water volume needed to dispense of lighter or heavier waste.  Still, it meets EPA recommendations with a powerful enough water flow to be effective yet water-wise for the conservation enthusiast.   

If you want a little more sophisticated model this model has a concealed trap-way.  View on Amazon.  What this means is that the outside lines of the toilet are smoother, making the unit sleek and easier to clean. 

Tall and elderly customers alike rave about this tall toilet that is a two-piece model with the elongated bowl and pressure assist flushing ability. The toilets powerful flush nearly eliminates clogging and aids in keeping your toilet clean as a whistle.   

These two Kohler models have an elongated bowl.  If your bathroom space is limited, you may need to choose a circular bowl-shaped model such as this one seen on Amazon.

This toilet saves a couple inches of clearance and can be a perfect fit for that tight space.  It has a powerful flush yet maintains water conservation. 

American Standard Tall Toilets

This circular shaped tall toilet shown on Amazon is made by American Standard.  It is an available alternative for tight bathroom spaces.  This two-piece toilet is sleek in its appearance.  It’s concealed trap-way makes it extremely easy to clean and adds a modern flair to your bathroom.

An added dynamic is the slow close seat cover.  The pressurized water flow discharges a power flush that cleans the bowl with every flush.   Plus, it boasts a 5-year limited warranty.

When reading customer reviews, they warned purchasers to carefully review the installation instructions, stating that once installed they were highly satisfied.   

Image of modern toilet

Tall Toilets by Woodbridge

This ultra-modern sleek lined Woodbridge one-piece toilet shown on Amazon, adds real class to any home.  Even though the one pictured is a square design there is an elongated option.

Some of the more unique features of this toilet are its high-end soft closing seat and a powerful quiet flush.  There are no rims to trap materials that make for easy cleaning.  It also sports a 5-year limited warranty, and the customer reviews are a must-read.

Extra Tall Toilets

There is one additional model I would like to draw your attention to.  It is this extra tall toilet by Convenient Height, view on Amazon.  It’s a two-piece whose floor to rim height is 20”.

They boast being the manufacturer of the tallest toilets on the market.  This height is great for very tall persons or persons that have the most difficulties sitting and standing.

It has a dual flush system with water conservation in mind.  Several of the customer reviews were from folks who bought because of physical issues such as bad knees.  It is worth reading about their satisfaction.

Odds and Ends to Know Before Buying Your Tall Toilet

Toilets are shipped as either a single piece or as two pieces.  The two-piece units usually ship in separate boxes.  They are easy to assemble and for self-installation, the pieces will be lighter to lift. 

Many of the listings refer to “rough-in” inches.  This is the placement of the toilet on the floor and the distance from the wall to the bolts the toilet base will be mounted to. 

Before you buy, be sure to know the measurements for the space you are filling.  You would not want to have your purchase shipped only to have it be too big for your space.

Most of these toilets are standard sizes and would fit in any home.  If your home is a cabin, your room is a small closet, or your home is an older home with limited bathroom space knowing your measurements are especially important.

Make sure you will have adequate room for the flush handle.  In tight spaces, you want to have enough space to allow your hand room to operate the handle.

YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A TOILET SEAT.  Seats seldom come with the toilet and usually state if they are included.

Image of top view of a toilet
Toilet purchases need to purchase a seat as well

Make sure the seat you purchase matches the shape of the toilet bowl, i.e. circular or elongated.  You do not have to match the color, however, unless it is a decorative or wood seat, you may have to replace the seat when you sell your home.


For those of us in our golden years sitting down and getting up can be hampered by a temporary physical condition such as knee or hip replacement.  Some of us have more severe issues that must be addressed.  Then there are those of us who simply want the convenience of less stress in life.

No matter our reason, all of us have the same need for a toilet.  For a nominal price, replacing our toilet fixture with a tall model can be one of those simple pleasures that enhance our life both now and in the future.  There is no time like the present to make this part of your life more enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article.  Happy hunting. 

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