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Aging can result in restricted mobility. Walking short distances becomes burdensome. Seeking assistance for small tasks becomes embarrassing. With tall walkers for senior users, managing travels for short and long distances unaided becomes a breeze.

The most common reason people experience reduced mobility is due to certain medical conditions such as arthritis, age-related disabilities, or impairments from heart surgery, stroke, or another medical illness. Other times, age causes people to become weak and fragile, resulting in loss of strength for walking. This is where walkers for seniors are just the ticket.

What Are Tall Walkers?

Tall walkers are for tall people. The walkers are designed for people who are over 6 feet tall. Tall walkers have higher handles and seats to correct posture and increase comfort and safety. You can determine the tall walker is the correct height by looking at the handgrips.

The handgrips need to be the height of your wrists with a slight bend at your elbows. If you can hold the tall walker’s handles easily when your arms are bent at a 20 to 30-degree angle, it is a safe bet for you. Whether you are buying a tall walker for yourself or for a loved one, there are a few factors you need to consider before you buy one.

Things to Consider When Tall Walkers for Senior Users

Are you searching for the perfect tall walker for yourself or your elderly parent? If you are, here are the factors you need to consider before you place an order for a tall walker:

1. Adjustable Handlebars

As a tall person, you need a tall walker with adjustable handlebars. You need to adjust the handlebars to a level that prevents you from bending at an uncomfortable angle to hold the grips. For maximum comfort, the height of the walker’s handlebars should be at your hip joint.

2. Height of the Seat

The walker’s seat height is important for a tall person. If the seat’s height is too low, sitting and getting up from the seat will be difficult. It can also cause you to fall, slip, and strain your lower back or knees. It is essential that you adjust the tall walker’s seat to your height level, so you can sit comfortably and safely in it.

3. Size of the Wheels

Most tall walkers have 8-inch to 10-inch wheels instead of the 6-inch wheel you find on other walkers. When searching for a tall walker, ensure it has eight to ten-inch wheels. Anything smaller than that can affect the stability of the tall walker. Another benefit of larger wheels is that they act as shock absorbers, which offers improved cushioning for rugged, bumpy, and uneven terrain.

What Are the Best Tall Walkers for Senior Users?

Senior Walking Aids

With so many different types of tall walkers available in the market, deciding on a tall walker that is perfect for you is not easy. We are helping to make things easier by choosing from one of three tall walkers reviewed here:

1. ELENKER Upright Walker

ELENKER Upright Walker features a straight back with padded armrests. The height of the armrests is 39” to 46”. The soft padding on the armrests will provide you comfort and alleviate stress on your back and shoulders. The walker, made from solid PVC material, has 10-inch front wheels to prevent tip over.

The front wheels swivel 360 degrees for ease of use and directional changes. The real wheels lock for stability when seated.

This walker operates masterfully both indoors and outdoors. The ergonomically designed tall walker features hand brakes, which you push to stop or slow down.

You can fold, store, and travel with this tall walker. It does not require a lot of tools to assemble. Its compact size allows you to store it easily. The tall walker comes with a storage bag made from polyester to store your personal belongings.

The manufacturer has created the backseat with breathable mesh material. When you need to stop, just push the hand brake to lock the back wheels. This is an FDA approved tall walker.

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Pros and Cons


  • Soft padded armrests
  • Adjustable tube to fit forearms
  • Dual braking system
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handles
  • Obstacle aid pedal
  • Front 10-inch wheels made from PVC material
  • Easy to install
  • Compact size for easy storage and transport
  • FDA approved


  • Very expensive
  • Available in one color
  • No mention of warranty

2. Drive Medical Deluxe

Drive Medical Deluxe features 5-inch wheels and vinyl contoured grips. The tall walker’s handle is at a correct height when you extend your arm down. Your elbow flexes 20 to 30-degrees when you place your hand on the handgrip.

Each side of the tall walker operates on its own for easy maneuverability through narrow areas as well as offering increased stability when standing. You can operate the different mechanisms with a push of a button using your palms, fingers, or the side of your hand.

The tall walker slides smoothly and easily on a range of different surfaces, thanks to its rear glide cap. The manufacturer has created the tall walker using a durable one-inch aluminum frame to increase sturdiness while ensuring it remains lightweight.

When walking with this tall walker, you need to be aware of liquids and food on the floor, electrical cords, debris, toys, doors, furniture, gaps in the floor, and doorsteps. This tall walker is made for indoor use, not outdoor.

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Pros and cons


  • Vinyl contoured hand grip
  • Adjustable height
  • Can move through narrow spaces
  • Easy to operate
  • Rear glide caps allow it to move smoothly over various surfaces
  • Sturdy, durable, and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Affordable


  • Can slip on liquid and other things on the floor
  • No padding on armrests
  • 5-inch wheels
  • Available in one color
  • No mention of a warranty

3. Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator

Drive Medical Adjustable Height Rollator, available in blue and red, has an adjustable seat, which you can adjust from 18 inches to 22 inches in 1-inch increments. The tall walker features a padded seat and a zippered pouch placed under the seat for increased security and privacy of personal belongings.

You can remove the padded backrest or fold it up or down. Caster journals offer strength whereas brakes with serrated designs offer a stronghold. The tall walker also has ergonomically designed handles for easy grip. You can adjust the height of the handles using the self-threading knob.


  • Available in red and blue
  • Offset castor journals increase strength whereas serrated edges offer a firm hold
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Removable padded seat
  • Ergonomically designed and adjustable handles
  • Zippered pouch
  • Affordable


  • 5-inch wheels
  • No mention of warranty

Why Should You Purchase Tall Walkers for Senior Users?

image of several people of different heights standing in front of lines measuring their height.
People of different sizes

Taller seniors should purchase tall walkers that can support both their height and weight. Taller elderly persons facing difficulty moving around the house should invest in a tall walker, especially if you have developed a medical condition or age that has restricted your mobility. Choosing a tall walker from this list will greatly enhance your independence.

With a tall walker, you can regain your freedom to go from place to place without any assistance from anyone. You can even use your tall walker outdoors. Select a tall walker that meets all your requirements, has all the features you require, is within your budget, and maintains your independent lifestyle.

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