Do you know what is the best bed height for seniors? The answer to that question varies from person to person but having a bed that is the right height for you is extremely important. Knowing the height your bed should be, depends upon a wide range of factors.

 Sleeping on a bed that is the wrong height can place strain on your body. You should search for a bed that is the correct height for you, especially if you are an elderly person.

Many seniors are plagued with medical conditions such as arthritis. The wrong height to your bed will only aggravate your condition.

Even if you are not currently suffering this information can be of great help in the future. For this reason, it is important for seniors to know what factors to look at when searching for the best bed height for them.

4 Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Bed Height for You

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Consider these factors

Having the right bed height matters for everyone. It especially matters to seniors. When you can enter and exit your bed with your feet planted on the ground, you have the correct bed height. Seniors are wise to pay special attention to the different beds heights they encounter and purchase one that is the correct height for them. 

A key point to remember is the components of your bed height. Your bed consists of a bed frame, the foundation (or box springs) for the mattress, the mattress, and any toppers you place on the mattress itself.  Bed frames are fairly standard, elevating the mattress and foundation between 6 to 9 inches off the floor.

 Foundations (aka box springs) are approximately 9 inches thick. Low profile foundations can be purchased and are only 5.5 inches thick. This great for lowering the overall height of the bed while maintaining ample support for the mattress.

The mattress, as discussed below can be anywhere from nine to 18 inches thick.  Pillowtop mattresses will be thicker than flat top mattresses but will have a lot more foam in them.  The more the foam the thicker the mattress.

Any mattress toppers will add to the height of your bed.  They come in many thicknesses.  

By the time you add all these components together, you may find that your bed needs a step stool to get into.  

Following is a list of factors you should consider when deciding on the ideal bed height for you:

1. Comfort

As the owner of a furniture retail store, I sold many mattresses to people of all heights.  The primary concern for my customers was the comfort of the mattress.  Pillowtop mattresses were by far the most popular because of the extra layer of comfort in the foam on top.

However, the added height to your bed made them very difficult for older people to get in and out of.  A wonderful compromise is a flat top bed with an extra cushion of foam known as a euro top mattress.

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I love my comfort

Your personal comfort, as well as the perfect bed height based on your height, matters a great deal when you are searching for a bed. If the bed is too low, it will add strain to your body when you get out of it. If your bed is too high, you may struggle to get into it.

Most beds are 25” high and allow people with average height to sit comfortably on the bed with their feet placed on the ground. You will need to sit on each bed to decide if it is the right height for you.

2. Age

Your age also influences what the height of the bed should be. As you grow older, your cartilage starts to deteriorate, causing you to suffer from pains and aches. If your bed is too low or too high, it can worsen the pains and aches.

3. Height of Your Bed

Your bed’s height needs to correspond to your height. The height of an average bed is between 16” and 25” high and will suit most people. You can test whether the bed you are purchasing is correct for your height by sitting on its edge and making sure your knees align with your hips. If your knees or hips do not align, the bed is the wrong height.

4. Height of Mattress

The height of the mattress will influence the height of your bed. Mattresses are available in different heights and made from a wide range of materials. There are a plethora of basic single-layer designs or multiple layer designs.

Pillow top mattress and mattress toppers will increase the height of your bed. When you are buying a bed, keep these things in mind as well. If you get a bed that is the right height but get a thicker mattress and or a mattress topper that increases the height, the bed will no longer be the correct height for you.

Standards Beds vs. Platform Beds vs. Antique Beds

Standard beds feature a traditional bed frame with a foundation under the mattress, which increases the bed’s height. You can also store things under the bed.

Image of a platform bed
Platform Bed

Platform beds include a mattress and are normally 18” in height. These contemporary beds use slats and depending on its design will determine if you can store anything under them. If you are taller than the average person or have knee issues, this type of bed frame may not be a good choice for you.

Antique beds are higher off the ground and provide storage space underneath the bed. You should not go with an antique bed if you suffer from restricted or reduced mobility. The extra height on these beds is more for style and less for functionality.

The Recommended Bed for Seniors

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If you suffer from a medical condition that affects your strength and coordination and you do not want to go through the hassle of selecting a bed with the correct height, opt for a hospital bed. Hospital beds are available in various heights. Since a senior’s height changes over the years, a hospital bed can address these changing needs.

To conclude, it is extremely important for seniors to buy a bed that is the correct height for you. Otherwise, it can trigger and/or aggravate your medical condition.

There are many beds and mattresses to choose from.  Find the right one for you is worth the time it takes.  After all, you spend approximately 1/3 of your life in your bed.  Sweet dreams everyone!


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