What is the Best Monitoring System for the Elderly?


Last year my mother suffered another life-threatening episode with her COPD that resulted in the Doctor advising her the only way she could return home was to enter hospice or have round the clock health care. She could not afford the latter so she chose hospice.

As a family we all agreed with her choice, however, none of her five children were able to stay with her 24/7, and hospice was a twice a week visit. She and her children needed a way to monitor her when we could not be there, yet allow her to maintain independence and her sense of dignity.

We suggested installing a monitoring system and she loved the idea. Does your elderly loved one require constant monitoring? I understand your concerns.

For those of you who cannot be there 24/7 what is the best monitoring system for your elderly parent? What is the best way for you to know what is going on yet maintain the privacy of your parent? What can you do so that you could check on their status without infringing on their dignity?

There are marvelous advancements in today’s technology allowing us to check the status of our loved ones from a distance. If you live in another city, a few miles away, or are at work while they are home alone, you can check your smartphone or handheld device from time to time to ensure they are okay.

It will give both you and your loved one peace of mind. You will not have to constantly worry about them because one look at the camera will tell you they are fine. They will not have to worry about being alone because you will be right there, watching them through your device.

If something goes wrong, you can leave for their house immediately. If you live far away, you can call an ambulance.

These are some of the reasons why you need to start searching for a reliable monitoring system to install at your loved one’s home. There are several monitoring systems available and we will discuss one of them here.

Before we do, we recommend you consider certain factors prior to purchasing a monitoring system for your elderly loved one.

Things to Consider When Buying a Monitoring System for the Elderly

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Consider this First

1. Remote Viewing

You do not want to be restricted to using just one type of device for monitoring your loved one. You want the brand to provide you with software, which you can download on various devices for easy remote viewing.

For instance, you can download it on your smartphone and tablet to keep an eye on them. Other people can also download the software. Having more than one person watching their elderly parent or grandparent increases the chance of saving their life in the event the unexpected happens.

2. High Quality Video

You want the picture to be clear and not grainy, dark or difficult to view. When buying a monitoring system, ensure the video quality is high and clear.

3. Two-way Audio

Even though this feature is not essential, it is useful. It allows you to communicate with your loved one from wherever you are in the city, country, and world. You can talk to them to ensure they are okay, and they can contact you whenever they want.

If they have fallen, you can call the ambulance and talk to them until help arrives. Getting up for them after a fall may not be possible, which can cause them to panic, but hearing your voice can calm them down.

4. Easy to Install and Use

The monitoring system should not be too difficult to install and use. You want an easy-to-install and use camera for them. You can install the camera for them or call a professional to do it.

The monitoring system should be easy to use by all parties involved. Even though you can get the hang of using a camera, regardless of the difficulty, it will take time for an elderly person to use it. If it is too complicated for them to master, they will get frustrated.

Best Monitoring System for an Elderly Person’s Home:  Hiseeu 8ch Wireless Home Security Camera System

Home surveillance camera

What Makes it the Best Monitoring System for the Elderly?

Hiseeu 8ch Wireless Home Security Camera System, marketed as an all-in-one solution, is easy to set up and install. The wireless home security camera automatically pairs with your devices. It offers support for four cameras and can record over 30 days of video recording.

The cameras are waterproof and dustproof. Since the cameras detect motion, it can scare away intruders and point towards your loved one in the event they get hurt or injure themselves.

It offers night vision and sends an email alert. You can install the system indoors and outdoors without worrying about the rain or dust damaging it.

Here is a list of features of the monitoring system:

  • 8 channel 1080P wireless NVR recorder with 10.1-inch LCD monitor and 1TB pre-installed hard drive
  • Support for IOS, Android, and PC remote view
  • 4 channel 1080P NVR with 10.1-inch LCD pre-installed monitor 1TB surveillance hard drive
  • 3.3 feet power supply for NVR (4)
  • 10 feet power supply for cameras (4)
  • Screw bag for camera and camera antenna (4)
  • User manual, USB port, and 3.3 feet network cable
  • Surveillance warning note


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Pros and Cons
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Comes with 4 waterproof and dustproof cameras
  • Wireless security system compatible with various devices
  • Remote viewing
  • Records more than 30 days of viewing
  • High-quality video
  • USB port
  • 1-year warranty on the system and free parts replacement and free lifetime technical support
  • Motion detection


  • Pricey
  • No two-way audio

Why Should You Purchase a Monitoring System for Your Elderly Loved One?

If your loved one is in need of constant monitoring, installing a monitoring system is an ideal solution. Your loved one can remain independent, stay in their home, maintain their privacy while you can monitor them and their situation.

 Placing a camera at their doors alerts intruders of their supervision and aids in preventing a burglar from taking advantage of your loved one’s age.  At the same time they know if they are in trouble, you are alerted and can get them the help they need.

This was an ideal solution for our family. My mother passed shortly after installation, in the privacy of her home. Yet, because of the monitors, we were able to get to her immediately. This was the way she wanted it.

Image of an elderly woman being hugged by a younger woman, both smiling.
Hugging Grandma

Taking measures to protect your elderly parent or grandparent is vital. When they require constant, 24-hour care yet want to live in continued privacy this is an outstanding solution.  Installing a monitoring system gives peace of mind to all your family members. I highly recommend you get yours today. 

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